Ecological entrepreneurship

„Livingwoods has coached us in a most consistent and professional way towards the ISO 9001, 14067 Carbon Footprint and 50001 Energymanagementsystem. We can recommend livingwoods to any company certified by ISO who are in the process to making the most out of their energy management.“ Roman Stäger, President of the FederalRailway-Real Estate Corporation Ltd.

Good for you - Good for us all

The multi-leveled services of Livingwoods suit a purpose: Your company should be able to act in an energy and climate responsible manner. Because entrepreneurship and environmental awareness are congruent to a large extent today, you benefit from a notable reduction in your energy consumption and costs. 

Green Immo

A responsible facility management reduces CO2 emissions through building equipment and operations and focuses on energy efficiency and compensation. We analyze your building campus, propose measures and guide you in their implementation. Thus, the life cycle of your buildings is also considered in facility management.


Green IT

The modern IT enables communication and networking around the clock. But the downside is increasingly larger power consumption and resulting CO2 emissions. We can advise you in the reduction, optimization, and compensation of these emissions. Thus, the power LED is not the only green coming from your IT.


Energymanagement and Reporting

Industrial automation and building management pose enormous energy-saving potential. Livingwoods measures, analyzes and optimizes the energy and emission flows of your company and from those results derives an overall concept for intelligent energy control. Because the most economical energy is still the energy that your company doesn’t use.


Green Car

Those who emit CO2 in Switzerland are able to compensate their pollution. Our "Green Car" offer is based on this principle, which allows you to compensate for the CO2 emissions of your personal or business car trips with climate certificates in forests. The "Green Car" is scalable and for any enterprises.



Carbon Foot-Print

With ISO 50001 and ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint (CFP), you can build your business to a recognized energy management system or certify an existing system. Thus, a continuous and systematic reduction of energy and resource consumption is possible. We will support you in the collection and documentation of the necessary steps to certification maturity by an external auditor.


Energy Trust

The energy demand of heating systems and buildings can be reduced and optimized long-term. As energy trustee, Livingwoods offers different contracting models that are tailored to your needs. Whether you retain ownership of your investment and only buy the power supply or outsource the entire process - energy efficient property possess a higher value and can be rented easily.