swiss Tree Inspection - ARBOTOM®

Risk Assessment for Security- and Liability Inspections

"Livingwoods has helped us in assessing efficiently the tree probability of fracture and damage potential" Head Tree Peter Kuhn Competence Centre, Bern 

The Arbotom

provides a unique and scientific based approach towards identifying tree weaknesses and rottenness trunks or selected branches. It is based on the principal of sound waves i.e. their impulses which are then elaborated to a 2-D or 3 D-CT tomograph picture. This will provide to the expert a unique view into the tree itself. Reportagen der Grünstadt Zürich, Grünstadt Bern und Gde. Muri BE.

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Lesen Sie hier die für Sie im 2017 zusammengestellten Reportagen der Grünstädte Zürich, Bern, Lausanne und der Gde. Muri. 30 jährigen Jubiliäum gewährt Rinntech 30% Rabatt bis April 2017 auf den Resistograph-Modellen.  Schauen Sie sich die neuen Geräte im YouTube Video an.


Initial situation

Climate change and Air pollution can increase the risk of accidents from branches and crowns broken by the wind and diseases. With ARBOTOM® the inside of the tree can be analysed, without the need to fell the tree. This new and simple tree analysis method is important wherever historically valuable and beautiful trees are in the immediate vicinity of people, transport or infrastructure facilities. In this respect, it is not only the security of people but also liability problems that are relevant. The diagnosis of the roots is also possible, which combined with the 2-D and 3-D analysis provides a total arboricultural expertise on the health and stability of the tree.

The Solution

Livingwood's methodical ARBOTOM® approach, which incurs minimal costs, is bringing evidence and clarity into the decision making process about trees. It can substantially reduce the threat of breaking trees and hence the incidence of human casualties. Trees no longer need to be felled as a prevention measure just because they pose a risk due to their location. With this approach older and mature trees can be safely monitored and fullfil their role in providing oxygen and carbon storage.

Image 1: Seriously damaged stem section

Image 2: Line diagram analyses with 12 sensors

Image 3: 2-D color tomografical images and ISA risk decision making

Image 4: Root diagnostic for Road and Passway Construction


Livingwoods Engineering: ARBOTOM® - Tree Inspection Service Tree analysis and inspections services for town green areas, parks or individual trees:

  • Meaningful 2-D, 3-D tomographical images
  • Inspection Services and Expertise Consultancy in security and insurance based activities
  • Periodical inspection service
  • Tree Moving and Construction

Livingwoods is general Distributor for Switzerland providing all Rinntech Products:

  • Arbotom Sonic Tomography
  • DryWood Drill for Timber
  • AbrboStApp Tree Safety Evaluation Software
  • ArboMEch Cross Section Stability Software
  • ArboRadix Tree Root Detection
  • Resistograph Resistance Drilling
  • DynaTim Tree and Timber Load Analysis