Swiss Bridge Capital

Garantiert Wirtschaftlichkeit, Umweltmehrwert und gesellschaftlichen Nutzen für Projekt und Investorenschaft.

The Swiss Bridge Capital Corporation (SBC) manages, plans and builds international institutional programs. In accordance with Swiss financial tradition, we work in a fiduciary capacity to foster compliant decision-making, transparency, and added value for these programs. In addition to managing asset shares, we advise international financial intermediaries on project and program finances. To summarize, SBC provides sustainable, profitable long-term planning services to international investors, financial intermediaries, and advanced program proprietors.  Dowload SBC Flyer here SBC guarantees economic returns

The Swiss Bridge Capital Corporation (SBC) is an independent asset management and investment company headquartered in Switzerland for 10 years. It offers advice and services for institutional intermediaries. We work together to ensure that the resource money is responsibly invested in institutional programs with high added value for the environment and society at large. In the role of Investment Advisor, we are responsible for the deployment of funds on a fiduciary basis. We develop programs based on the existing legislative and cultural requirements of our institutional partners. We also implement our own programs, which serve the dual purpose of contributing to the improvement of quality of life and generating a risk-adjusted return. In addition, we are involved in self-financed projects to promote health and education.


Support for institutional programs

Security and sustainability are of paramount importance, especially in a program’s conceptual stages. For sustainability, moderate returns over the long term are clearly preferable to risky short-term ventures. We therefore invest in institutional programs with partners, financial actors, and companies that emphasize innovation and development of their products and employees as well as the management of scarce resources.

Success through structure

SBC’s structure guarantees economic returns, environmental added value and social benefits. For over a decade, we have provided structural added value in the following ways:


  • SBC manages capital from institutional investors, municipalities and private investors in a trusteeship. Þ SBC plans programs in the field of energy and infrastructure, e.g. power plants, refineries, energy, plants, roads, water, sewage, gas, electricity, telecom supplies.
  • SBC builds in accordance with SIA-Swiss norms and standards from the preliminary study, preconstruction project, bidding process and execution up to the factory handover.
  • SBC operates according to the latest principles of asset management and operational processes.

 Guarantees and provisions are conducted wholly in the interest of optimizing and preserving value for the owners, investors and the project itself.


Aspiration and performance

At the same time SBC plans, manages and administers its infrastructure and energy programs in a holistic value-added manner with the greatest possible transparency for institutional owners, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and private investors in terms of providing value- and risk-adjusted returns that maximize environmental sustainability and socio-political benefits. Thanks to its international locations in Zurich and London, Swiss Bridge Capital can offer this in the highest quality. The SBC team is an international and interdisciplinary group of economists, engineers, lawyers and political scientists. 


SBC - Everything from one source

The SBC Company manages and secures the financial aspects of the planning, development and administration of major institutional programs. As a Zurich-and London registered corporation (registration number CHE-113.587.526, UK-GB 8838336), Livingwoods Group AG manages the assets contributed by institutional investors as a management and investment company. The capital is 100% managed by the investment company profit center according to customer requirements (risk /reward, environmental and social added value) and guides the development of Swiss Bridge Capital invested projects and programs. Livingwoods Group AG monitors the statutory controls of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) to ensure compliance with the accounting guidelines and the correct calculation of the net asset value. Livingwoods Group AG calculates the program inventory value and sets issue and redemption prices as well as dividend payments. It asserts all rights to the project investment, in particular vis-à-vis investors and project owners, in accordance with international law and the applicable jurisdictions in Zurich and London.

Our partners directly support our involvement in own educational, environmental, ethical, ecological and socially-sustainable projects. For further information please contact the business and program management team of Swiss Bridge Capital.