We believe in the urgency of developing a new energy policy and the sustainable use of all our resources. Our contribution towards the issue of energy and emissions focuses on measuring, analyzing, optimizing and certifying energy consumption by Swiss Norm SIA 103, 114 and worldwide renowned standards such ISO 9001, 14001, 50001. We view our mandate as an optimization process covering all issues relating to energy consumption and believe that environmental entrepreneurship is a responsibility that we must all bear. By focusing our competencies on renewable energy and woodland, we are underlining our commitment to the Environment.

our role

We are in a time of change. Now that we are aware of the global links between many key issues, a new approach is required under which sustainability takes priority over short-term growth. In terms of CO2, this means more than just systematically reducing emissions and tapping into the various opportunities available to generate savings. We must also be consistently prepared to take responsibility for our own emissions. This is the only way in which we can actively contribute towards solving this problem, and so leave future generations with an environment in which they can prosper.


Our employees are technical and social experts in their fields, with a clear focus on environmental issues. Their strong analytical abilities – both with respect to themselves and their environment – are backed by solid educational backgrounds. This enables them to adapt to a wide range of situations, demonstrating diligence and personal responsibility throughout. They receive training on anongoing basis, allowing them to stay up to date on and take responsibility for the latest issues and themes.

Processes and standards

As a knowledge-based company, we document our processes so as to safeguard this knowledge. Our approach, "measure, optimize, offset", allows us to put in place a process cycle for energy and emissions management. The "offsetting" element of this in turn gives rise to a sustainable and credible environmental policy for our clients. We believe quality to be a permanent learning process, driven by the desire to continually improve our own performance for the benefit of our clients.


Because the strong partners we use help us in turn to become a strong partner for our clients at the same time remaining a flexible and lean company. We therefore maintain close contact with a selected group of specialists. This includes the Company WATTELSE a Swiss Leader in Building Energy Optimization with it's unique software MONALYSE - Heating, Ventilation and Aircondition. WATTELSE is Award Winner of the Cleantech Award issued by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, SFOE.