Five steps to success!

Less harm to the environment, more benefits for the balance sheet. If you want to achieve this goal, it will require reliable data and measures. We can deliver these to you from the beginning.

„Livingwoods has helped us tremendously to assess and minimize our ecological footprint with coherent ISO 50001 processes. Apart from their great environmental experience, we are happy that they supported us in the development of new products trends that are crucial for our enterprise value in the futur."

Fabio Esposito, CEO and Member of Board, clean&soft AG

1. Measure

What amount of greenhouse gases must be compensated for by your company? A detailed CO2 balance delivers the answer. Real-time recording documents the current state and forms the basis for further advice.


2. Reduce

Greenhouse gases that are not emitted do not need to be compensated. Therefore, a sensible, customized reduction of CO2 emissions based on the economic circumstances is the first step. The CO2 balance provides the clear evidence here: If the main load comes from the transportation, there’s the possibility of modernizing the vehicle fleet. And if your company operates in an old building, the renewal of the heating system can bring measurable reductions.


3. Optimize

Many processes can be optimized in terms of harmful CO2 emissions and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These include the modernization of production facilities, the management of building energy and solutions for mobility. But even seemingly small items such as IT infrastructure, office or hygienic paper involve considerable potential. 

4. Compensate

Reduction and optimization allow for a measurable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The remaining emissions can be offset using various models at home or abroad, for example through the purchase of climate certificates. These are available not only for forest areas, but also for renewable energy sources such as solar or hydroelectric power plants. In support of a sustainable economy, the Living Woods AG relies heavily on regional and national partners.


5. Certify

Once your company has compensated the remaining emissions, it receives from Livingwoods the CO2 compensation label, which is based on the ISO Standard 50001 energy management or ISO 14067. The certificate confirms to both customers and employees that your company takes its climate policy responsibilities seriously. An annual energy and emissions check ensures that commitment. Together with the label you will also receive suggestions for communicating that commitment. After all, good deeds should be shared.

No matter where you stand today - we are happy to guide you to your destination - a CO2 compensated company. Energy matters.