We live Project management

successful Projects Need a change of perspective


We are a Team of dedicated Engineers and Experts, who fully acknowledge the importance of action towards an Ecological Entrepreneurship in the area of Renewable Energy, Infrastructur and Natural Resources.

We work in accordance of PMI-, IPMA standards and are aware of our responsibility in acting within the framework of an economical, ecological and social-ethical Entrepreneurship.



We are offering national and international companies a Project Society structure, our expertise and lead within projects and within mentioned areas.

Our Project Management Consultancy approach starts with the enabling and training of our customers. The co-joint moderation and project partnering allows decisions and potential growth. As engineers and Projects managers we lead and support your project - from planning, over realisation to hand-over and running management.



The Project Society Structures, mediates, set milestones, executes and manages your Projects – target oriented, timely-, and performance related.

The PM approach is based upon know-how, experience and competencies of our engineers. It substantially reduces time, resources and costs and therefore increases your project economic value.



We live Project Management!

Process oriented Project management

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